La Caja China Box.

We are VERY excited to announce that we now have a La Caja China Box!

Used by many celebrities, it is a roaster that cooks a whole pig, lamb, etc.. deliciously. It is great for parties.

 Here are a few videos on using a La Caja China Box featuring Bobby Flay, Martha Stewart, and Andrew Zimmerman.

or with Al Rocker:

or go to the La Caja China Youtube Channel:

or check them out on Facebook for hundreds of pictures users have sent in:

We are now offering the La Caja China Box on a rental basis for your own parties!
2 day rentals.
CSA past, or present, member: $100.00
Non CSA member $175.00

The box must be returned in excellent condition. You must clean it prior to return.

There is a $350.00 deposit on the box that will be refunded at return. We paid $350.00 for it, and if you destroy it, we want to be able to buy a new one! Deposit must be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to pickup. 

You will be given a check for your entire deposit, minus rental fee, at return of box(providing it has been cleaned and is still in good shape.)