How it works:

You order your CSA share online, using the link under the "buy a share" tab on this web-site.

Enrollment is accepted until the 1st of the first month of the quarter. 

You can order a half share, a whole share, an XL share and/or an egg share. Each share consists of beef, chicken, pork, lamb, and when we are lucky, turkey!  You may omit one meat from your CSA and we just substitute with more of the others. The cuts are mixed and differ month to month.

A half share is 10 lbs of meat a month.

A full share is 20 lbs of meat a month.

A XL share is 30 lbs of meat a month.

Pickups and delivery dates are listed under the "pick-up dates" tab.

Please come to the pickup with a cooler, and we give you your meat for the month. 

If you are a delivery shareholder you must leave a cooler on your front porch. If it is very hot during the summer, or very cold, during the winter, please leave two coolers out if you have eggs. The eggs are not refrigerated and we don't want them to freeze by putting them in with your eggs. Do not put ice packs in your egg cooler please!

The meat is frozen and vacuum packed. You come to your designated pick up location, pick it up, take it home and put it in the freezer immediately.