About the CSA

My family has been getting 80% of it’s food (meat and vegetables) for the last six years from local CSA’s. Eating this way has saved me money, helped us increase my families' health, and cut down drastically on our allergies.

We also belong to a vegetable CSA. 

Buying good quality, organic, or pasture raised meats at the grocery is economically challenging. The prices are almost double that of regular meats.  Additionally, we don’t need a whole pig, side of beef, full lamb, and a few dozen chickens in our freezers at all times to keep up on our commitment to healthy eating-so, we decided to contact a few really good, highly committed local farms, and start our own CSA!

The farms we have chosen do not use GMO's,  growth hormones, or antibiotics, to raise the animals. All animals are pasture raised with some grain.

The animals are fed organic feed with NO animal by products. All farms we chose pride themselves on excellent living conditions for the animals.